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Originally dedicated to Hospice nursing homes only in Germany, we have expanded to cover Healthcare providers in South Africa .
Lets start with Nursing Homes. What exactly is the function of a Nursing Home in Germany?
A nursing home is a facility provided for dependent people (mostly old, severely chronically ill, mentally and / or physically severely disabled people) that require to be supervised and looked after around the clock. Very often they are a home for senior citizens and a nursing home at the same time, but there are also nursing homes, which are specially designed for younger disabled or sick patients.
The aim of Pflegeheimein Germany:

The goal of the nursing homes is generally to care for dependent people, mostly old, severely chronically ill, mentally and / or physically severely disabled people, but not excluding  young people. The aim is to assist these patients wherever possible and to provide support.

Why would somebody enroll at a nursing home in Germany?

No elderly person like leaves his apartment. Despite often compelling evidence that suggests it would be best to move to a retirement home or nursing home. For the elderly woman who falls in her apartment and is only found by her daughter who comes by to check in on her, it would have been a far better option for her to have been in a nursing home with around the clock supervision and care. Unfortunately in our modern society, it is no longer feasible for the elderly to remain at home. In most cases their sons and daughters or family are working every day, and this would mean that the elderly are required to be left alone for long periods of time.  Their apartments are rarely suited for disabled people and living in these apartments becomes increasingly difficult with age. Many elderly people realize the benefits of moving into a nursing home, because they are relieved of so many burdens and because they are suddenly among people who have the same problems and with whom they find they can still enjoy a reasonably happy retirement.

What can nursing homes in Germany offer the elderly ?

Nursing homes provide all the services that are necessary for permanent round-the-clock care. These include (in each case to the extent necessary): Accommodation: Rooms with all the required equipment, Sanitary facilities, Pflegebad. Group rooms, dining room, etc. cleaning of the apartment / Room cleaning, laundry service, unless Dry Cleaning required. Meals: Meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner) snacks diet or light meals and Health Care Services, social care and treatment nurse-presence around-the-clock, group events, therapy offers, terminal care.
Pflegeheimein in South Africa :

Pflegeheimein are proud to announce their recent expansion into the South African HealthCare market. Pflegeheimein have acquired the services of various medical professionals, including dentists, psychologists, doctors, nurses and chiropractors to name a few. Pflegeheimein looks forward to an ongoing partnership with our South African counterparts in order to maintain our high quality of Healthcare we are known to provide.