A Portal for Healthcare

A Portal for Healthcare

Originally dedicated to Hospice nursing homes only in Germany, we have expanded to cover Healthcare providers in South Africa .
Lets start with Nursing Homes. What exactly is the function of a Nursing Home in Germany?
A nursing home is a facility provided for dependent people (mostly old, severely chronically ill, mentally and / or physically severely disabled people) that require to be supervised and looked after around the clock. Very often they are a home for senior citizens and a nursing home at the same time, but there are also nursing homes, which are specially designed for younger disabled or sick patients.
The aim of Pflegeheimein Germany:

The goal of the nursing homes is generally to care for dependent people, mostly old, severely chronically ill, mentally and / or physically severely disabled people, but not excluding  young people. The aim is to assist these patients wherever possible and to provide support.

Why would somebody enroll at a nursing home in Germany?

No elderly person like leaves his apartment. Despite often compelling evidence that suggests it would be best to move to a retirement home or nursing home. For the elderly woman who falls in her apartment and is only found by her daughter who comes by to check in on her, it would have been a far better option for her to have been in a nursing home with around the clock supervision and care. Unfortunately in our modern society, it is no longer feasible for the elderly to remain at home. In most cases their sons and daughters or family are working every day, and this would mean that the elderly are required to be left alone for long periods of time.  Their apartments are rarely suited for disabled people and living in these apartments becomes increasingly difficult with age. Many elderly people realize the benefits of moving into a nursing home, because they are relieved of so many burdens and because they are suddenly among people who have the same problems and with whom they find they can still enjoy a reasonably happy retirement.

What can nursing homes in Germany offer the elderly ?

Nursing homes provide all the services that are necessary for permanent round-the-clock care. These include (in each case to the extent necessary): Accommodation: Rooms with all the required equipment, Sanitary facilities, Pflegebad. Group rooms, dining room, etc. cleaning of the apartment / Room cleaning, laundry service, unless Dry Cleaning required. Meals: Meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner) snacks diet or light meals and Health Care Services, social care and treatment nurse-presence around-the-clock, group events, therapy offers, terminal care.
Pflegeheimein in South Africa :

Pflegeheimein are proud to announce their recent expansion into the South African HealthCare market. Pflegeheimein have acquired the services of various medical professionals, including dentists, psychologists, doctors, nurses and chiropractors to name a few. Pflegeheimein looks forward to an ongoing partnership with our South African counterparts in order to maintain our high quality of Healthcare we are known to provide.


Travel for Medical Care in Southern Africa

Travel for Medical Care in Southern Africa

Packing to go on holiday is always a mission. You have to decide on what and how much to take. What you take also depends on where you are going to travel, is it cold or hot, are you thinking of going camping or staying in luxury accommodation? Something else to think about which I find difficult is, once everything has been packed out, will it be easy to get everything back in again.

The type of luggage is also another problem; you would need a quality backpack for camping or a sturdy suitcase for flying. Traveling light is always the best way, especially when you have to drag your luggage around airports or need to carry it on your back. Elderly people who require special care should always travel with company or family if possible.

Let’s have a look at some guidelines when it comes to packing for your travel needs:


The best option when looking at luggage is to buy a hard sided suitcase which helps prevents you from over packing. The hard case may also help to prevent thieves from cutting into your luggage. When you have to walk far distances, it makes life easier if you could get yourself a suitcase that has wheels. Some have two and other have four wheels that are a great help for stability.

Take a compact carry on with you onto the plane that is easy to carry and store. It also helps to have a change of clothing and some toiletries in this bag, in case your luggage is delayed or lost. Packing organizers are a great idea if you are planning to do a variety of activities or just want to separate clothing items. Each organizer is easily accessible and you won’t have to rummage through your luggage to find your desired outfit.

When planning a camping and hiking trip or any kind of adventure tourism activity, it is always a good idea to invest in a quality backpack that is able to store all you need on your journey. Comfort on these excursions is a priority as you don’t want to have an aching back every day due to an incorrect backpack.



Plan before you pack, place what you want to take with you and then choose only what you need. Clothes should be lightweight and easy to fold, so try to take more loose pants instead of three pairs of jeans. Choose versatile pieces of clothing, ones that can easily mix and match. You don’t need a brand new outfit every day. If you can, it is best to choose wrinkle free clothing. If you are flying, you could also consider wearing the more bulky clothes during your flight. If you are planning an African safari like one of the wildy popular Serengeti safaris, please take extra precaution to ensure that you have the correct clothing and equipment.

Compression bags work great for bulky clothes like, jerseys, jackets and towels. These can help you to get more out of your packing space. Try not to take too many shoes, they take up space and can be heavy. Place shoes toe to heel right at the bottom of the suitcase. You can also add smaller items wrapped up inside shoes to use up all available space.


Instead of taking certain toiletries like, shampoo with you, why not use the ones provided by the hotel you are staying at. You could also, if you can, purchase these items at your destination. If you do take toiletries with you, ensure that they are travel size and easier to pack. Make sure you pack your toiletries in a place that is easy to access for yourself. Sometimes security will search your bags and will want to see what you have packed in this regards, it will make it easier for you to show them.

Travel Document organiser

This is very important, getting a document organiser that keeps all your important information in one easy accessible location. The organiser should hold your ID, passport, boarding passes, money and credit cards. This will help you get from one place to another without hassles; ensure you keep this with you at all times.

Don’t know what do for your next travel experience? Make sure to visit Ashanti Travel, they offer tours that include, budget safaris, overland tours, adventure tours and much more. You are sure to have an experience like no other.

Maryke Woolf – Newlands Psychologist

Maryke Woolf – Newlands Psychologist

Following on from our last article, which I hope our readers and subscribers enjoyed, is this article about Clinical Psychologist Maryke Woolf. Maryke Woolf is a psychologist in Newlands, which is very close to Claremont, where Dr Singh runs his dental practice. Pflegeheime take the business of recommending medical practitioners to our readers and subscribers very seriously. We research the practitioners thoroughly and rely to some degree on feedback and reviews we receive from you, our readers. Please remember that your input is extremely valuable to us in helping ascertain which are the best medical professionals. Although our expansion into South Africa is relatively new, the German people love South Africa and our subscribers have responded to our requests for any feedback on experiences they may have had with healthcare providers in South Africa. We implore that you would please take the time to send us any relevant information you  may have, via our contact page.

One of our subscribers who has asked not to be named recently wrote in and told us of her experiences with Dr Maryke Woolf, Newlands psychologist. In keeping with our subscriber’s wishes to remain anonymous, we will simply refer to her as Anna (not her real name). Anna wrote in to tell us of her recent difficulties she experienced whilst on holiday in Cape Town, South Africa :

“I have struggled with anxiety for many years and am on medication to control it. I do however from time to time, experience panic attacks which can sometimes leave me completely unable to cope with even the easiest of tasks or functions. Now, I was on holiday in Cape Town with my family. For the first week, everything was going well, I was taking my medication daily as I normally do, and was really having a great time exploring the Cape Town attractions. As I was leaving my hotel early one morning about to head on a Cape Winelands tour, I was suddenly struck with an unbearable panic attack. The feelings of panic and anxiety were so overwhelming that I barely managed to stagger back to my hotel room. My husband raced after me and managed to get me to lie down while he reassured me that all was well. Fortunately my husband has dealt with the onset of one of my panic attacks before. My husband called and spoke to family friends who live in Cape Town and they recommended Dr Maryke Woolf, a clinical psychologist, based in Newlands. I was reluctant to go and extremely fearful of leaving the hotel but eventually my husband convinced me that it would be OK. On meeting with Maryke at her Newlands practice, I was still very apprehensive. After a few minutes of speaking with her in her consulting room, I began to calm down. Obviously I have a fair amount of experience in dealing with both psychologists and psychiatrists over the years, but Dr Woolf’s manner and the way in which she spoke with me was extremely effective. By the time that the hour of consultation was complete, I was far more calm and able to walk with about assistance from my husband. It is extremely unusual for a patient to receive such immediate benefits from just one consultation with a psychologist, but there was something about the way in which Dr Woolf help me process my anxiety that seemed to allow it to dissipate really quickly. I can’t thank her enough and was truly surprised to encounter a psychologist with such a high level of professionalism and capability on my holiday in South Africa.”

Pflegeheime would like to thank “Anna” for her email she sent us and are thrilled that she was able to find relief so quickly and from a psychologist that seems to have a real connection and empathy with her clients. If you are a German tourist in South Africa and find yourself in need of a highly recommended psychologist in Newlands, Pflegeheime recommends that you take a look at Dr Woolf’s website.

Once again, we hope you have found the article useful and ask all our subscribers to continue sending in any reports they are able to.